Volunteer Groups

As a professional volunteer group coordinator, your business depends upon repeat customers! Always chasing after the next new client is not only time consuming, it also severely limits your ability to become successful. By incorporating the GoMaxCRM to your daily work-flow to manage your contact database (prospects & clients), upcoming tasks or future follow-up tasks with reminders such as call backs, etc. you will quickly realize the power of technology.

Struggling to keep track of when to contact previous clients for their weekly, monthly, or annual appointment? With the GoMaxCRM you will be able to create an unlimited number of Tasks, each with reminder notices and the ability to auto-recur when completed.

Looking to keep Notes on your clients for future reference? The GoMaxCRM is here to help. Whether it is general information Notes, or specific requirement requests, each client can have their own set of Notes saved.

Key Features of the GoMaxCRM:

  • Prospect & Customer CRM organization with full profiles
  • Simplified Tasking with Reminders & Auto-Recurring
  • Save important Notes & other reference information
  • Lead Generation campaign management
  • Cloud-based and always accessible

Prospect & Customer organization made easy!

The GoMaxCRM provides a simplified interface to manage all of the important information for each of your contacts, whether they are existing clients or prospects. Each contact can be associated to an unlimited number of categories / groups for quick & easy access when it comes time for your marketing campaigns. [more...]

Simplified Tasking with Reminders

Staying on top of important Tasks is crucial to growing your business opportunities. The GoMaxCRM makes it easy to create Tasks (think of a Task like a calendar appointment, or upcoming job to be completed). Each Task can automatically send you an email or SMS text reminder when it is coming up, and the CRM dashboard highlights overdue or past tasks, helping ensuring nothing is missed. [more...]

Powerful Notes system for all your important notes

We all know there are times when notes are scratched down on paper, and sometimes these notes are lost, misplaced, or not labelled correctly. The GoMaxCRM makes it incredibly easy to create Notes on all your contacts, or general notes (very much like the old fashioned sticky notes). We are confident that once you start using the GoMaxCRM electronic notes, you'll never look back. [more...]

Lead Generation integration

Harness the power of your lead generation campaigns by automatically posting new leads directly into your GoMaxCRM. Create an unlimited number of campaigns to track individual statistics for each of your social media or other advertising methods to generate new leads or service request. [more...]

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