Tasking / To-Do Lists done the right way!

We all have things to do and things that need to get done. Without making lists on paper or little sticky notes, it's always challenging to remember what to do and when to do it.

Meet the GoMaxCRM Tasks!

  • Create Tasks for everything you need to do or need to remember and become more efficient to focus on other things throughout your day.
  • Setup a Reminder to get notified with an email or SMS message straight to your phone.
  • Have Tasks that happen all the time? No problem - just set it up to auto-recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Annually.
  • You can even post an unlimited number of comments on each of your Tasks.
  • Ask yourself - can a simple calendar do all this?


    Automated reminders are great way to be advised of a Task being due, such as a scheduled phone call, an upcoming meeting or appointment, or even your anniversary or spouses birthday. Your reminder can consist of an Email and/or and SMS message sent to yourself and can be set to happen minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance.


    Do you have Tasks that re-occur every day, week, month, or year? The GoMaxCRM conveniently allows you to set any number of Tasks to automatically re-occur when completed, saving you time by not having to recreate the same Task for the next occurrence.

    Task Comments

    Saving comments on your incomplete/on-going Tasks is a convenient way to keep a log of actions or additional things pertaining to the task itself. For example, if you have a Task to call John to discuss his future needs but he is not ready to commit to purchasing your product, you can save a comment with your call notes and reschedule the Task for a future date. The GoMaxCRM supports an unlimited number of reference comments on every Task!

    Task Progress

    From start to finish progress indicators allow you to track how close to completion you are on your various Tasks. It is a great way to see at a glance what items need your attention.