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With the GoMax CRM, whether you are in the office, at the job site or your kids soccer game, you will have access to the tools you need at your fingertips. Helping you to stay organized and effectively communicating with your clients.

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Regardless of the industry you fall within, the GoMax CRM can be a powerful tool to simply your day-to-day oganization. From scheduling Tasks, writing job Notes and communicating with your clients, our platform is there every step along the way. From a simple setup, to our online documents and a helpful technical support team, we are with you along the way. Our goal is to make you more successful than you are today.

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Schedule your clients, organize your day and run a better company.


Set tasks required for each client, add specific client notes and organize your team.

Tree Services

Schedule jobs, communicate with your team and update your clients.

Pest Control

Effectively communicate with clients before you arrive. Organize and dispatch your teams effectively.


Set appointment reminders, add client requirements and keep your clients informed.


Simplified and Intuitive

Most CRM's, Tasking / ToDo Systems, or Personal Information Management software systems tend to be very bloated and difficult to setup and use. The GoMaxCRM believes in simplicity, and only includes the required features that are needed!

Every aspect of the platform is designed to be quick and simple to use.

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The GoMaxCRM allows you to create profiles for an unlimited number of Contacts.

Assign Tasks, save Notes and upload Documents for each contact for quick retrieval with a lifetime of history.

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Notes & Notebooks

Ditch the old fashioned paper notepads and the post-it notes cluttering your workspace!

Store unlimited personal notes for yourself or for your Contacts using the GoMaxCRM Notebooks.

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Tasks / To-Do Lists

Stay on top of the important events using the powerful 'Getting-things-done' GoMaxCRM Tasking system.

Set your Tasks to send you email or SMS reminders to ensure nothing is ever missed.

Have the same Task each week or month? No problem, set your Tasks to automatically repeat and stay on top!

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The GoMaxCRM includes a robust document storage component allowing you to file away information pertaining to a Contact for quick retrieval.

Do you transmit documents to others using insecure email? The GoMaxCRM also includes a secure document delivery system to protect sensitive information.

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